SLACC in practice: the pilot phase in Slovenia

Mai 22, 2023 | News

PiNA has successfully launched the piloting phase of the project in Slovenia. During the piloting, they presented the prepared educational material and trained the young people to become climate ambassadors.

In the first part of the workshop, the participants reflect on the current situation. With the Footprint calculator, they checked how many planets they need to maintain their lifestyle, and then, as part of the World Cafe activity, in groups discussed what motivates them to be active in the field of climate change, how to talk to people that denied climate change, what does leadership mean and what they can do to achieve positive effects.

The second part focused on what they can do as climate ambassadors. Firstly, they created their perfect ambassador and talked about his qualities, and later prepared an action plan about tackling this topic in their local environments.

The implementation of the pilot was hosted by the Youth Network No Excuse Slovenia and conducted as part of their international training. We would like to thank them for the opportunity and all participants for their commitment. The prepared action plans inspire us with optimism as they show that young people are ready to actively participate in the fight against climate change!

The next pilot in Slovenia will be held on the 31st of May and the 7th of June in Ljubljana in collaboration with Zavod Bob