An afternoon dedicated to SLACC: how much misinformation is there on climate change?

Aug 24, 2023 | News

After creating the modules and activities within the SLACC project, it is now time to test and put the methodology into practice.

Debunking fake news is not easy, but it is certainly a lot of fun when using non-formal education.

CESIE opened its doors to a class from the psychology course at the University of Palermo, organising a meeting where the theme was to give the opportunity to experience the SLACC tools first-hand.

Manipulated or real photos? Myth or fact?

It started by looking at some fake news that is, all too often, taken as true. The importance of critical thinking in combating misinformation was emphasised. Even small everyday gestures can help us in the fight against climate change, and the calculation of everyone’s foot print was quite successful.

The second part of the meeting focused on the skills a climate ambassador must have: empathy, decisiveness, communication and persuasion skills. There was no lack of ideas and comparisons throughout the afternoon.

What was the purpose of this meeting?

Certainly to test the proposed activities, obtaining useful feedback to improve them and adapt them to the local context, but above all to collect data that we will use for the drafting of the guide that will be available to everyone once it is published.