Climate ambassadors workshop with students in Bulgaria

Jun 13, 2023 | News

CATRO Bulgaria also launched the piloting phase of the SLACC project! Together with students from the University for World Economy (UNWE) in Sofia 2 trainers unraveled the climate crisis, exchanged ideas on how to recognize and debunk climate myths and discussed about what young people need to become true climate ambassadors. Debunking fake news about climate isn’t easy, and convincing others of the true facts is even harder. We need to know a lot, but we also need to be able to communicate persuasively and confidently. Being a climate ambassador requires certain competences. What these competences are, how to develop them and transfer them to our networks and peers was the subject of the workshop, which was held on 16 May at the University premises. The students from the Green Management class and IESEC volunteers enthusiastically engaged in several non-formal education activities and actively shared their experience and knowledge on the topic of climate change, exchanging ideas about how we, as active citizens, can be part of the solution.

A second pilot will be organized in June – stay tuned for more news!