In Slovenia, the second piloting!

Avg 24, 2023 | novice

PiNA implemented the second pilot activity in Slovenia. This time, the SLACC methodology was presented to the youth involved in PUM-o Koper. PUM-o is an organization that helps young people with fewer opportunities to complete their studies and gain new skills so that they can find employment.

At the beginning of the workshop, they checked the ecological footprint of each participant and discussed what they can change in their everyday lives in order to improve it. Later, they were thinking about the qualities that an ideal climate ambassador should have and what he needs to do to make changes in the local community. In the last part, participants envisioned a green space they would like to have in their city, where they could connect with the nature.
The interesting conversation led us to consider why it is important to buy food from a local farmer, how should we address the news on social media from a critical distance, and whether electric cars are a good solution for future mobility.

PiNA’s team would like to thank all the participants for their participation, relaxed atmosphere, and very interesting debates.